ICT Infrastructure Audit & Consulting

Conference-communication systems & IP-Telephony

One of the requirements of modern business relations is to create effective people-to-people communication.  Neuron
Technologies provides various products and services in order to create effective communication whilst minimizing time-loss
and lowering expenditures.   Conference-communication systems are one of these means.   The main substance of this system
is bringing joint activities together and organization of tele-conference meetings between people located in remote locations.  
Our company cooperates with the leading European companies providing best-in-class IP video and IP voice conference systems.

Our provided conference-communication systems are based on FULL HD image and their main advantages are as follows:

  Provision of cost-effective image and information sharing;
  Elimination of time-loss;
  Eradication of travelling and accommodation costs;
  Acceleration of flow of works, meetings and projects.

Our company cooperates with the leading IP-telephony companies in the market place. We provide comprehensive installation
of IP-telephony systems and their technical support through combination of skill-set of our personnel and our direct business
relationship with the leading suppliers in this field. The special feature of the IP-telephony system is that it is transmitted through
internet and we manage to build high-quality communication of our customer enterprises with the lowest cost through this online
technology. IP-telephony technology introduced by Neuron Technologies is based on the principle of transmission of
communication (voice) of our customers through internet protocols (packages).  According to our solutions, e-data based on
the internet protocols (IP) in the internet network is sent to certain addresses via internet.  e-data reached at the receipt address
is again decoded as per original signal.   We eliminate loss of voice by introducing this new and promising technology and
provide our customers with quality and productive communication systems.

ICT Infrastructure Audit, Corporate Networks & Consulting

Neuron Technologies suggests conducting audit of the information systems and perform appropriate consultancy services
to ensure effectiveness of the business processes of the enterprises and provide sustainable and long-term solutions for their
faced challenges. The audit & consulting services conducted by our experts in a project oriented format become an
important component of the general business strategy realized by the customer enterprises. We conduct analysis of the current
status of information management, technological infrastructure, software programs and information security at the enterprises
while performing complex auditing of information systems and determine compliance levels of the current developments with
the overall business strategy.  We make proposals and recommendations for bringing efficiencies through conducting gap
analysis and cost and benefit analysis as part of this process. We conduct research prior to the audit and consulting of information
systems.   This process is followed by submission of reports and action planvs on optimization of the information technologies
application, IT solutions for the companies, increase of efficiency of the business processes and establishment of comprehensive
IT infrastructure.

Neuron Technologies performs all necessary services to establish corporate networks for integration of computing,
communication and information resources, transmission of e-data, including e-documents, voice and image.  Our provided
corporate network systems ensure full and sustainable implementation of information exchange at the enterprises. Our main
objective in establishing corporate networks is to create unique information space within the framework of the customer
enterprises.  Such a unique system provides mutual connection of system applied programs located in different stations and
access to the remote users. Our proposed services on corporate networks include, but not limited to information exchange,
secure e-mail, multi-functional telephony, conference calls via selectors, video-conferences.

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