Neuron Technologies is fast growing local IT company in Azerbaijan

Our strategy

Our strategic goal is to become a world-class ICT company through bringing innovative solutions.
We will continue providing our solutions in the short-term, become a regional player in the mid-term and global company through transformation of our advanced technologies into the region.

Our advantages

Ability of our agile, trusted and ambitious experts to bring innovative and competitive solutions is our main advantage.   
We are able to integrate business strategies with our technology know-how, we always strive to grow and continuously improve.

Our values

We are part of the solution, not part of the problem. With our strong team spirit, we always become the extended family members of our customers. We always strive to go extra mile. We always listen and conduct open information exchange. We create transparent and healthy environment.
We strive to increase our human capital.


Provision of innovative and best-in-class solutions on information and communication technologies

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