Who we are

Neuron Technologies LLC is a fast growing IT company in Azerbaijan and Central Asia. We provide wide-range of services in the sphere of information and communication technologies, including tailor-made software development, system integration and ICT infrastructure establishment solutions. We are committed to provide excellence in client service. Company specializes in bringing solutions to ensure business optimization and sustainable growth. We excel in bringing innovative solutions for software development, system integration, information management systems, web development, mobile and smart technologies, auditing & consulting.

Neuron Technologies is headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan. We hub pool of high-potential and competent expertise, that ensures bringing agile and best-in-class IT solutions for the industry challenges. Neuron Technologies has the ability to draw from an experience base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison. Our ability to offer IT solutions for business alignment, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Neuron Technologies.

We create value chain, transparent and healthy atmosphere and increase our human capital. All these help us to develop innovative and competitive solutions.

Establishment of modern business practices and corporate culture helps Neuron Technologies to set the company for success. Ability of our agile, trusted and ambitious experts to bring innovative and competitive solutions is our main advantage. We are able to integrate business strategies with our technology know-how, we always strive to grow and continuously improve. We are part of the solution, not part of the problem. We strive to increase our human capital. With our strong team spirit, we always become the extended family members of our customers. We always strive to go by extra mile. We always listen and conduct open information exchange. We create transparent and healthy environment.

Neuron Technologies offers audit & consultancy services of the information systems to ensure efficiency of business processes and bring sustainable solutions at the enterprises. We conduct in- depth analysis of current information management situation, technological infrastructure, use of software and application of cyber security measures at the enterprises. Based on the detailed review and assessment of compliance of current work-in-progress with the organizational business strategy, our experts develop a comprehensive audit report providing recommended activities in order to build best-in-class ICT infrastructure. We provide services on establishment of the full ICT infrastructure at the enterprises, like integration of computing, communication and information resources and database. We build corporate networks to enable voice, video, image transmission. Our established corporate networks ensure sustainable exchange of information. We create a centralized information database for the customers. The database helps to bring various remote users under one centralized network.

Neuron Technologies has partnership relations with global companies like as CISCO, HP, Huawei, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, EMC Documentum, AVAYA, Docsvision, Barracuda.

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development has approved Neuron Technologies as a pre- qualified ICT company to provide advisory services as part of the Business Advisory Support Programme in Azerbaijan.

Business Excellence Awards

2014 - Neuron Technologies has been granted with "IT Company of the Year" award in 2014 by the prestigious national Azeri Business Award for its contribution to the development of ICT sector in Azerbaijan. This award is established by the Business Time journal.

2015 - Neuron Technologies has been the winner of the world’s most important business excellence award, “The Bizz 2015”. Neuron Technologies has consistently gone above and beyond in its compliance with the evaluation criteria for business excellence, namely business leadership, the quality of its goods and/or services, management systems, innovation and creativity, corporate social responsibility, and its achievements. For this reason, it has been chosen by the Evaluation Committee of the World Business Confederation (headquartered in Houston, USA) to receive this major business recognition.

2016 – Neuron Technologies has been awarded by “Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation Award” as part of the “Consulting without Borders” International Award Competition.

Strategy & Mission

Our strategic goal is to become a world-class IT company through bringing innovative software development, system integration and infrastructure establishment solutions for the industry challenges. Our main goal is to take our potential into the global arena and facilitate smooth transfer of our solutions, knowledge base and technologies. We strongly believe in our contribution into our intellectual export to the world markets.